Our Products & Service

Water Well offer bottle fed and point of use (also known as plumbed in) water coolers.

Water Well now also supply 500ml and 750ml bottled spring water available in either still or sparkling.

We supply a cooler to match your requirement either a hot & cold cooler or a room temperature & cold cooler. All of our coolers are supplied with a cup dispenser to prevent waste and ensure hygiene.

We have agreed supply from two sources. We understand the need to have a back up resource after the recent problems Gloucestershire faced with flooding and the drinking water supply.
Cotswold Spring based in South Gloucestershire will be our main supplier and supply natural spring water.

Our water bottles have the benefit of a built in handle, making them easier for lifting and moving.

We offer a free weekly,two weekly or monthly delivery service, with a next day emergency delivery service in those unforeseen circumstances. Water Well delivery vans are run on bio-diesel

We have a 48 hour cooler replacement programme in the very unlikely event that a cooler we supply goes wrong and cannot be fixed on-site.

All of the bottle fed coolers will undergo a quarterly sanitisation and point of use coolers will undergo a six monthly sanitisation to ensure that the cooler is kept to the highest hygiene standard and also helps maintain the quality, freshness and taste of the water.
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